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Mickey Hart Band Live at Electric Factory on 2000-05-14

01 Iko Iko
02 Dire Wolf
03 Down The Road
04 Ripple
05 Good Lovin'
06 La Montana
07 Papa Was A Rolling Stone
08 Endless Skies
09 Who Stole The Show
10 Jack A Roe
11 Strange World
12 Bagua Osi
13 Scarlet Begonias
14 Fire On The Mountain
15 Friend Of The Devil
16 Not Fade Away
17 The Other One

Collection MickeyHartBand
Band/Artist Mickey Hart Band
Venue Electric Factory
Location Philadelphia, PA

Source Neumann TLM-170's>Sonosax SX-M2>Sony SBM-1>HHB PDR1000
Lineage Sony TCD-D10PROII>Edirol R-04>Wavelab 5.0>CDWAV>FLAC
Taped by Keith Litzenberger
Transferred by Keith Litzenberger


Mickey Hart Band
Electric Factory
Philadelphia, PA
May 14, 2000


Mickey Hart - RAMU, Percussion and Vocals
Vince Welnick - Keyboards
Gladys "Bobi" Cespedes - Vocals and Percussion
Rahsaan Fredericks - Bass
Humberto "Nengue" Hernandez - Percussion and Vocals
Rick Shlosser - Drums
Barney Doyle - Guitar

Neumann TLM 170's(Hyper Card)>Sonosax SX-M2>Sony SBM-1>HHB PDR1000

Master Played Back on Sony TCD-D10PROII>Edirol R-04>Wavelab 5.0 (Sample Rate Conversion)>CD WAVE EDITOR (TRACK MARKS)>FLAC FRONTEND LEVEL 8 Encoding


Reviewer: GuinnessGoon - - July 10, 2008
Subject: great show...
I really enjoy jamming this recording. Thanks alot for sharing it. Mickey & Vince play well together with this line-up. The jams are great and I love the different arrangements of the Dead tunes. I personally think postGD versions of Dead tunes should be arranged a little different, kinda like an updated sound to the same old GD songs. It gives them new life with new range to explore.
Great show!!
Reviewer: dscott - - July 9, 2008
Subject: Something different!
Nice sound, and Vince Welnick really shines. Some classic Dead tunes are arranged very differently than I've heard before, e.g. Dire Wolf. Good stuff!!!
Mickey Hart Band
by Mickey Hart Band
( 2 reviews )
Source: Neumann TLM-170's>Sonosax SX-M2>Sony SBM-1>HHB PDR1000
Mickey Hart Band
by Mickey Hart Band
( 1 reviews )
Source: Schoeps MK8+Schoeps MK21H>Schoeps VMS02IB>HHBPDR1000
Mickey Hart Band
by Mickey Hart Band
( 2 reviews )
Source: DPA 4021>Lunatec V3>Sound Devices 744T
Source: Multitrack